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Classic Burger

Angus beef w/ American cheese, American lettuce, tomato, Onion, & shelby sauce

22 SR

Double Angus

Angus chuck w/ American cheese, American lettuce, pickles, tomato, fried carrot & shelby sauce

35 SR

Angus Hot Spicy

Angus beef w/ hot daikon sauce w/ American cheese, tomato, pickles, American lettuce, crunchy onion

28 SR

Brisket cheesy mushroom

Brisket beef w/ grilled mushroom, American cheese, American lettuce, pickles, caramelized onion, tomato & shelby sauce

30 SR

Angus tico

Angus beef w/ American cheese, American lettuce, rocca, slice avocado, pickles, crunchy potato & shelby sauce

32 SR

Bacon ribeye

Ribeye beef w/ bacon, American cheese, American lettuce, onion, pickles, tomato & shelby sauce

36 SR

Crispy chicken

Chicken breast w/ melted cheddar cheese, ranch sauce & coleslaw

24 SR

Crunchy chicken siraccha

Crunchy chicken, lettuce, cheddar cheese & hot siraccha sauce

24 SR

Spicy BBQ chicken

Grilled chicken w/ dikkon hot sauce, lettuce, tomato & melted cheddar cheese

24 SR

Original Slider

3 slider burger w/ American cheese, American lettuce, tomato, pickles, & shelby sauce

34 SR

Slider chicken

3 slider burger w/ buffalo sauce, lettuce, slice tomato & melted cheese

28 SR

Duo slider

1 Slider of beef and 1 slider of chicken

23 SR

Smoked brisket

Smoked Brisket beef w/ brioche bread, iceberg, American cheese & shelby sauce

39 SR

Cheetos chicken brioche

Fried chicken w/ brioche bread, cheese, iceberg & ranch sauce

32 SR

Quinoa salad

Mixed of multi quinoa grain w/ iceberg lettuce, smoked almond, pomegranate seeds & trio bell pepper and our tico bun sauce

32 SR

Kale salad

Kale lettuce w/ American lettuce, caramelize walnut & slice of avocado, trio bell pepper and our special sauce

32 SR

Crispy cheese

Pyramid of crispy fries w/ selection of American cheese, dynamite sauce and cocktail sauce, fried onion & carrot w/ mayo & ketchup

18 SR

Urban fries

Pyramid of crispy fries w/ sweet pepper sauce & cocktail sauce, melted cheese, sweet potato & fried beetroot

18 SR

Urban chicken

Crunchy fries w/crispy chicken & dynamite sauce, ranch sauce & melted cheese

24 SR

Brisket fries

Smoked brisket beef w/ fries, American melted cheese, crunchy onion & dynamite sauce

32 SR

Classic French fries

Fried classic fries

9 SR

Dorito pop chicken

Chicken ball stuffed w/ American cheese served w/ ranch, cocktail and dynamite sauce

26 SR

Chicken strips

Crunchy chicken fillet w/ melted cheese, cocktail sauce & honey mustard sauce

24 SR

Mac & Cheese

Mac and cheese ball topped with crunchy buggles on top of a bed of pinky sauce

22 SR

Dynamite chicken

Crunchy chicken w/ dynamite sauce

25 SR